What makes the sauna dome different?
Superb craftsmanship and real IR II™ technology! We made it of the highest quality materials to ensure long service life. It includes our advanced heaters, making it the first choice for sauna rooms.
The True Wave II heater only combines carbon and ceramic far infrared heaters. Carbon enables True Wave II heaters to generate long-wave, far-infrared heat. The long infrared rays will penetrate deeper into the body and provide the benefits that people seek. The proprietary organic and ceramic compound that Clearlight adds to the charcoal provides a high infrared output for the heater. Traditional charcoal heaters are weaker, but True Wave II heaters are weaker. The infrared light they produce is of top quality.

OH WOW Sauna Dome
US $2,900

The sauna dome comprises two lightweight domes, which are easy to store in a corner or closet. We made the outer material of the dome of all non-toxic vinyl that is easy to clean and wash. We can install anywhere the ball machine! Infrared pads allow individuals to be heated by infrared rays on both the back and the front of the body. We made the pad of memory foam to provide maximum comfort. Both the sauna dome and infrared pads have a lifetime warranty.

  • Solid wood structure, luxurious finish, and sturdy wooden control box.
  • The low EMF True Wave II far-infrared heating element inside the dome.
  • Including Clearlight’s unique Memory Foam infrared heating pad, which can place inside the dome.
  • The electronic control system provides a variety of heat level adjustments.
OH WOW Sauna Dome

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