Nangyari NA: What Is Better? To Die Or Save Life?

Makakatipid Ka Ng Gastusin; Una: Maiiwasan mo ang malaking problema. Malibre ka sa hinihingi ng paunang bayad ng Ospital. Malibre ka sa pagbili ng gamot na napakamahal. Hindi ka na magbabayad sa pribadong nars. Malibre ka sa Health Card na Binabayaran mo sa Kompanya. Panghihinayang dahil hindi hinulugan ng kumpanya ang iyong health card. Makaiwas […]

Life So Unfair: The One You Love Has Left You, And The Anger Has Broken Your Heart

Yes, you are angry now! You broke the love of life, or worse, this person is now dead. But your memories won’t fade and forgotten, never, never my dear NE… The song you and I share during our great times. Bell Bottom Blues I dedicate to you MY LOVE. Your heart is full of anger, […]

Womens Health: Bacterial Vaginosis Know The Causes and Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis Causes, symptoms, and treatments Bacterial vaginosis (BV), known as Gardnerella vaginalis, is a common condition affecting women. It caused by a bacterial imbalance that grows in the vagina and has any symptoms. Although women may notice abnormal discharges that may be white or gray and have an astringent taste. Although it occurs and […]

Recipe: Mediterranean Cauliflower Couscous

Mediterranean Cauliflower Couscous Everyone loves couscous, a delicious nutritious treat. Check out our healthy couscous recipe, made with cauliflower. Mediterranean cauliflower couscous (cherry tomatoes, taggiasche olives and basil) Ingredients: small cauliflower 300g of colorful tomatoes 40g of Taggiasca olives Extra virgin olive oil (to taste) Fresh basil Preparation: In a food processor, blend the cauliflower […]

Why You Need Detoxification? How To Detox The Body At Home?

Why you need detoxification, how to detoxify at home? Whether you would want, toxins are everywhere, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. If you live or work in a building, smoke or eat much of processed foods. You may more vulnerable to these harmful toxins. Detoxification essential in the modern world. […]

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