BCX ULTRA LITE is a stand-alone, programmable Rife generator and has the same preset Rife library as BCX ULTRA. It is a programmable and independent regenerator and provides the same preset Rife library as our BCX ULTRA.
They fit it with a “double bubble” glass tube, a pair of electrodes, a footrest and an adhesive pad. Please note, optional accessories such as LEDs, eddy current coils, double bubble tubes, magnetic pads cannot connect to this unit. All need to buy our BCX Ultra host.

BCX ULTRA-LITE does not require the purchase of a BCX ULTRA base unit to operate. The BCX ULTRA-LITE double bubble tube set up on the base component. Making it easy and hands-free for individuals or even multiple people!

Will square radio waves affect microorganisms?
Everything alive and not alive has one or more natural frequencies of vibration. Dr Royal Rife has shown in many experiments that microorganisms have their own specific lethal oscillation rate (MOR). If amplified, this frequency weaken organisms or cause their membrane walls to resonate until they collapse: vibrates them to death.

BCX Lite Rife Lite

Rife uses several transmitted square wave frequencies, both radiated (radio) frequencies and direct micro-currents to inactivate microorganisms. Seventy years of history shows that using square wave technology does not harm healthy cells. Square waves can inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The square wave frequency seems to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of blood cells. Perhaps therefore the BCX-ULTRA frequency seems to support a healthy and energetic body.


Rife frequency (NN) equipped with R.F. With state-of-the-art gas plasma supply systems, now maximize your capabilities and potential in Rife frequency technology. Our new convenient R.F. (radio frequency) tube technology speeds up and maximizes the potential of energy research!

The plasma tube is RF (radio frequency), so the selected frequency can transmit and penetrated. Without being limited by what the skin contacts the electrode. Which case electricity can contact the body surface without penetrating the skin Natural resistance.

BCX Lite Rife Lite

The focus of energy is most on the application site, but it also affects the entire body. Because of R.F. ultrasonic effect can spread to the body’s lymph, plasma and cellular fluids. These ultrasonic resonance frequencies generated by the pulsating pressure of light emitted by an argon plasma tube. Explain the observed M.O.R.’s same principle (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) the original Royal Rifle tube’s swing effect. The technology comes from the 21st century, but the result of the cure is the same!


Control unit:

  • Size: 11.0 inches X 8.0 inches X 3.0 inches, 2.5 pounds
  • Power-Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A and Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A


  • Input: 1-jack for power input (DC power plug, 2.5 mm, center)
  • Input / output: computer jack (USB Type B)
  • Output: 5-electrode connector (2 pairs), glass tube, LED pad
  • Eight-on / off button-start-pause-stop-change-accept-return-next

Output type:

Choose from 7 combinations

  • Electrode only
  • Detonator only
  • Pad LED only
  • Auxiliary only
  • Lightning electrode and tube at the same time
  • The electrode and LED pad at the same time
  • Electrode and auxiliary at the same time

Variables for each program

  • Program number: use up to 4 digits
  • Naming procedure: use up to 8 alphanumeric characters

BCX Super Light

BCX Lite Rife Lite