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What is Nootropic?

Focus Mind. The era of smart drugs and nootropic is here. Defines synaptic drugs as substances that increase memory, attention, motivation, and emotion. Everything that relates to cognition and quality of thinking.

Considered a nootropic, the substance must first meet two specific criteria. First, you must improve learning and memory. Second, you achieve much with little or no side effects.

Has shown the effects of smart drugs in the movie’s fictional nootropic. Such as ‘NZT-48’ and the recent TV show ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper. The effects of this film have changed, today you can get similar results with smart drugs.

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The most common smart drugs Modafinil and Provigil used by people who need elite performance; just as the US Air Force fighters pilot. UU. WSOP poker players, UFC MMA fighters, professional players and several CEOs in Silicon Valley.#1

A pioneer in innovative growth NooCube is and doesn’t need a prescription. Placebo-controlled studies, through randomized, parallel-group, double-blind. Produce cognitive improvement in human consumption, this study has identified key natural compounds. Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE, the course of this study is one of the key ingredients in the NooCube formulation. #2


Give memory support
Helps support NooCube formula cognitive act and supports the efficiency of the brain parts associated with memory. Achieved by increasing the brain’s ability to do processes called synaptic plasticity. The brain’s ability to keep existing neural pathways, in fact, is synaptic plasticity. Allow you to keep and learn new information signals while allowing forming new neural pathways. #3

Support your ability to focus
The demand for any drug that helps focus is growing. A world of increasing distractions, people need to focus on every phase of their daily lives. Such as working on a work project or conducting large-scale tests. A range of ingredients in the NooCube formula helps support your attention. Special ingredients, such as Bacillus extract and green tea extract, have excitatory properties that help to increase alertness. #4

Support cognitive act
The bacopa extract in NooCube’s formula has been the case with many relevant cognitive studies. Pseudo-purslane was 65 years old when taking 300 mg per day, participants noted. A significant improvement, he showed in cognitive role compared with the placebo group. Fewer signs of anxiety associated with test conditions the subjects could do memory recall tests more, the study showed. #5

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Stress support
The L-theanine found in the NooCube formula known for its ability to reduce tension. Promote relaxation without feeling the connection. Makes NooCube a perfect complement if you are to increase your anxiety tensions, such as public speaking or testing. #6

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