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Hair loss

photo-by-Unskinny-Boppy-flickr The main cause of hair loss A more general problem not limited to any race or culture hair loss is a common phenomenon. May need adequate medical care excessive hair fall, mild hair loss is not improbable. Several causes of hair trouble and several factors can cause excessive hair fall. Let’s explore them in […]

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Folexin, Hair growth

Made from pure natural ingredients and have many advantages, formulas. The key components of Hair Loss formulas. Biotin Biotin, called vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that is a member of the vitamin B complex. The vitamin B complex is a key group of nutrients required for metabolic, neurological, digestive and cardiovascular functions. health. More […]

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Folexin, Hair growth

Do you have fragile hair or broken strands? Don’t let breakage or hair damage prevent you from getting the hair you want. Need to find the root cause of hair loss and breakage. Show off your hair according to your needs, strong and elegant. The main culprit in hair damage, too much style, excessive chemicals, […]