The Healing Power Of Today’s Modern Medical Device

Today’s Modern Medical Device. One hundred years ago they had 3 / 5 defects if we go on not recognize STRESS as one. Failure, (hunger) Toxicity Infections Acidity (modern illness based on poor nutrition) Reduction of oxygen. (modern disorder based on loss of exercise and handling) Toxicity and Diseases are now poorer than 50 or […]

How To Treat Alzheimer Disease And Depression With Near Intra-nasal Infrared V-Light

Depression and Alzheimer Disease. It is important to say mental health underestimated. Our spiritual state makes up ourselves. When this state of mind changes, our whole will change. Depression, stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease are just the conditions that revolutionize our lives. The people say we are the sum of our […]

Learn The 3 Method: The Healing Power Of Light LLLT

Healing Power. Many attributes worth emphasizing, the most important attributes of cancer patients are low levels, near-infrared and far-infrared lasers. Those three have tremendous power to replenish energy and restore balance. At several seminars in Germany, they mentioned it that the power of energy medicine underestimated. For example, do every doctor see the temperature during high […]

The Intranasal Therapy Device: Healing With Light

Intranasal. Few people don’t know that our body reacts to specific wavelengths of lights, the common red color light. Vielight Neuro Gamma an alternative healing procedure that used the principles of light effects on human body. This kind of therapy activates the body’s self-healing ability. Improving and restoring blood properties circulation. The root of illness […]

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