From what you want, right? This applies to stay healthy, controlling weight or just trying to enjoy the good of yourself. Maximize your sense of well-being. So, what further place to start than moments when you wake up, with breakfast!

They call it the important meal of the day for a reason because it forms the basis of the earlier day. This may be the reason you should never skip it! You can create subtle changes each day to carry out the most of your breakfast. There are 5 changes to improve your breakfast!

1. Milk dilemma.

Remember homemade truth on milk. Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk give less fat but a higher sugar content than whole milk. Which means the same or worse than weight control. Studies have shown that whole milk is more effective in adapting to the body. Or for general health, soy milk or sugar-free almonds give a refreshing flavor and protein with no inconvenience! In addition, tea and coffee contain natural antioxidants that neutralize milk… so drink black from the drink!

2. Grain killer

Cereals are a good start, but, many people filled it with sugar! Consider switching to bran flakes or sugar-free homemade muesli. So you can prepare a nutritious breakfast with high fiber content digests to offer good fuel for your morning. You can add chopped fruit, yogurt and honey for a better bite.

3. Go with brown

Another discussion point revolves around his toast! Not only the white food more processed than whole-grain bread, but it has a higher glycemic index. Which means they make it from carbohydrates that burn faster or turn into fat. Besides having more fiber, whole wheat bread has a lower rate, thus providing sustained release carbohydrates to achieve extended energy. Spread, consider changing the boring butter to guacamole or organic peanut butter.

We appreciate there no full breakfast without coffee. How can we spend these early hours exhausted in the morning? What many people don’t know you…

4. Lose juice

The refreshing taste of the morning juice is unbeatable, but, it costs a price. Without fiber of the fruit itself, the juice (the concentrated juice) the wolf in the sheepskin… the wolf is sugar! Try changing thick homemade smoothies. If you want vitamin C cut the intermediates and take a vitamin C tablet soluble in water.

5. Improve your lifestyle

We appreciate there no full breakfast without coffee. How can we spend these early hours exhausted in the morning? What many people don’t know you can add ingredients to your hot drinks to increase their content. Add cinnamon to your coffee to boost your metabolism. Add lemon and redheaded to your tea to increase your metabolism and help your body detoxify.

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