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cancer treatment

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Did you know we have cancer cells in our bodies, but most of us don’t even know it? The body’s amazing immune system patrolling our bodies and killing foreign invaders including formed cancer cells. However, if the immune system compromised, then it cannot control the cancer cells. They settle down, causing one type of cancer or another. Cancer may develop for many years before it identified cancer.

However, many doctors use this urgent threat to send you to a specific cancer treatment plan of your choice. Which may not be the best treatment for you. Most of us are unaware of the various treatment options available. We believe that our doctors, oncologists, and experts will make choices for us.

Once you have gained “awareness and knowledge” about cancer and treatments, you will take part in the decision. After all, this is your life.

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So, what is the primary reason our immune system damaged?
Most of us live in a “modern lifestyle”!

The major cause of cancer
Cancer is a “modern lifestyle” disease, which is caused by the stressful and toxic lifestyle in our lives.

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The undeniable fact is that in this modern era in which we live. We are subject to toxic and acid attacks every moment. It exposed most of us to toxic air and water pollution, fried fatty foods. Processed foods, carcinogenic foods, sugary foods, and beverages. Fruits and vegetables grown on pesticide-poisoned soil; alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, Prescription drugs, and recreational drugs are the culprits. The tremendous pressure that most people endure will exacerbate this situation, leading to acidic internal terrain.

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Cancer treatment

Besides, it also faced our homes with toxic products, some household cleaners, personal care products. Cosmetics containing carcinogenic ingredients, and the food we eat and drink is acidic. Most “processed” and “prepared” foods contain Toxic additives.

Nowadays, among today’s degenerative diseases, including cancer, almost nothing common a hundred years ago, and caused by our modern lifestyle. Occur cancer 100 years ago was one in 8,000, and today it is one in four adults. It related this to the increased use of acidic foods and toxic chemicals and pollution.

Therapies You Can Do At Home

Cancer treatment
Hope you have a better understanding of the causes of cancer and cancer prevention methods to avoid. Not everyone can prevent cancer, so let’s see what cancer treatment options are available. They diagnose you or your family with cancer.

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The first thing to remember that cancer not a “death sentence” and can treat, especially cancer that is detected early.

“Early Detection,”
Prevention is the primary goal, but “early detection” is the next best option. There is an excellent cancer test that can detect cancer long before symptoms show up. Increase your chances of a successful recovery. This test called the HCG urine cancer test, and it uses the concept of “abnormal dividing cells”. To tell you the relative number or level of these cells. No matter where they are in your body or where they originate.


This test is also very helpful for tracking the progress of any cancer treatment you may receive. To see if you treated the disease.

Conventional treatment (orthodox/modern medicine)
In the United States and most of the developed countries that practice “modern medicine” in the world. They have adopted the “standard cancer treatment” plan. Which all routine physicians, oncologists, and other cancer caregivers must comply with and manage.

This involves three treatments that are often used together.

  • Surgery to remove the tumor
  • Radiation to burn the tumor.
  • Chemotherapy to poison and kill cancer cells (and sad, healthy cells)

I recommend you research these therapies to evaluate their effectiveness and success rate. Or watch this DOCUMENTARY.

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