Let us face reality, our life is very busy these days! It is suffocating to mix your work or educational life with your life at home. You have nothing to do with hobbies, social life, diet, and tonics. This may mean that whether you want to be active in the sport, this transform can be a chore. The gym not for everyone, they need time and money. Staying active and support your overall well-being without having to carry your luggage according to time and cost? OK, you want healthy; you don’t have! Here are 5 of the best exercises to keep you healthy and you can do exercise in a comfortable home:

No. 1: Press Ups

Press Ups is an excellent weight exercise that involves the muscles of the upper body. You can use everything except high heels and dresses. The floor the equipment you need (sorry), astronauts. They are very varied. Stretch and reduce create your hands, focus on the muscles of your chest or arm. Increase the volume to deepen the burn or slow to maximize stability.

No. 2: Squat

The squat is pressing for your legs! Push-ups, they can change much damage muscles in the legs and core and don’t need equipment. Avoid the stairs after doing the load!


No. 3: Yoga

Yoga is a modern exercise, not surprising because you need is a piece of earth (or carpet). No, we do not recommend you to hire a yoga instructor! The Internet is full of everyday activities. In addition, yoga is ideal for posture, balance, and flexibility in helping joints and muscles. This idea a good way to relax and relieve tension.

Press Ups is an excellent weight exercise that involves the muscles of the upper body. You can use everything except high heels and dresses. The floor…

No. 4: The wooden board

The name and nature of the iron! Besides becoming a trend of an Internet meme in 2009 (checking nostalgic). Body exercise with a table is one of the best abdominal strength tests can do in your living room! This idea the perfect way to improve your posture, compromise your core and use your abs. Because you concentrate your weight on the abdomen. You can achieve the effect by spending a few minutes of intense exercise every day. Add versatility by placing planks around you or stretching your arms to work in a wider range of muscles!

No. 5: sit-ups

Last not least, they are buzzing! Similar a printing press, get used to stronger things in life, need the floor and soft matte. Just stress, their versatility is huge. So if you want a seesaw to absorb core stability, you have many of the names!

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