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beauty package

Great Health and Beauty Package

Beauty package
For her, our premium beauty package provides the best skin and body care to beautify the holiday.
Through concentrated marine collagen injection and our dream marine collagen capsule formula. Collagen levels increased from the inside to support skin and joint elasticity. You can use our luxurious 24k gold neck mask. To target fine lines and wrinkles at the source to make the neck and chin area smoother.

  • Marine collagen injection- 5000 mg of pure marine collagen hydrolysate injected each time to increase skin elasticity. Promote stronger, healthier hair and nails, and more balanced joints.
  • Pure Marine Collagen Capsules- Our original 1755 mg best dream marine collagen formula. These marine capsules are one of the most popular capsules on the market and can lay the foundation for the long term. Healthy skin and stable joints and bones.
  • 24k Gold Neck Mask-A luxurious gold neck mask rich in natural ingredients. Designed to smooth and polish the skin of the neck and chin. Combat comes to be with fine lines and wrinkles.

Acai Super Pack
Acai berry capsules and powder
We bring you acai berries from the richest depths of the Amazon rainforest. It provided them as acai berry super packs, available in capsule and powder forms to minimise your burden. Since everyone remembers them, the indigenous peoples of South America eat them. Now people know they are rich in anthocyanins, vitamins and minerals. For convenience, we can use the two methods to reap the rewards of the rainforest.

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Beauty Package

  • Acai berries, freeze-dried after harvest
  • High content of repairing and protecting anthocyanins
  • Rich in essential vitamins and stimulants
  • The capsules provide up to 1500 mg per day.
  • Ideal powder for smoothies and juices
  • Both are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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To give you the greatest benefit, it provided Acai berries to you in two designed forms. Which are included in the Acai Super beauty package to help you pursue a healthy body. By using acai powder, you can add delicious supplements to your daily diet and mix them into smoothies and juices. With Pure Acai capsules, you can replenish your daily intake. Buying together means you don’t have to choose which one is more suitable for you and your lifestyle. You can find it yourself!

Good Resolution health and beauty package
Our “Good Resolutions Pack” is an ideal gift for those who have a common New Year’s resolution. To lose weight or shape their shape. Give your loved ones extra motivation and give them the motivation to keep up with your goals from day one.

This pack includes some of the best superfoods: pure green coffee and pure garcinia cambogia. Our exclusive Skinny Coffee Blend will make your determination successful!

Guarana Super Pack

  • Green coffee: one of the most famous and popular superfoods on the market, with concentrate up to 7000 mg.
  • Garcinia cambogia: rich in hydroxy citric acid, which helps to control weight.
  • Lean coffee-a unique blend that makes everyday coffee a real help in achieving weight goals.
  • All products in the package are suitable for vegetarians.

Spirulina Super Pack

Spirulina is a veritable superfood; it powerful that both NASA and the United Nations have approved its use. Now you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home! In Spirulina Super Pack, both powders and tablets are perfect for daily use. So you can enjoy a seaweed complex rich in vitality vitamins and minerals. Up to 70% protein content and all essential amino acids. They introduced these products to help you be more active. These dual products may be the perfect way to inject vitality into your body every day.

  • Two pure organic forms of spirulina
  • Up to 70% high-quality vegan protein
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Layered multi-vitamin and mineral complex
  • Convenient pre-measured tablets
  • This powder is adaptable to the formula.

You can enjoy all the amazing benefits of the amazing spirulina. In two ways, you can match your lifestyle and daily life. With Bio Spirulina Algae Tablets, you can get rewards and without worrying about measuring or mixing; Having Super Spirulina Powder, you can mix it into your daily diet to make your favourite food or drink. With Spirulina Super Pack, you don’t need to decide which method is best for you. You can find out by yourself!

Guarana Super Pack

Guarana Super Pack
With Guarana Super Pack, you can restore energy, motivation and strength levels, eliminating fatigue and tiredness. In a busy and demanding world, many of us are looking for caffeinated sports and energy drinks. Which often contains sugar and bad additives. To provide you with two healthy and pure alternatives, powder and capsules. You can now enjoy the benefits of guarana seeds. I understood that the caffeine content of guarana seeds is 4 times that of coffee beans.

  • Two high-quality energising forms of guarana
  • Sources more caffeine than coffee beans
  • Suitable for busy lifestyles, sports and fitness
  • Strong concentration of 1200 mg per capsule
  • Suitable powder for recipes
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegetarians

Energising guarana can bring you a whole new way to meet your body’s energy needs; it is already a fanatical favourite in South America. So how can you refuse to try it in two very convenient ways? Using Super Guarana Powder, you can mix it into delicious recipes. Such smoothies and juices and enjoy it all day long. By taking capsules, you can enjoy steady lifting. With these two products, you can enjoy a slow, continuous energy release that will keep you active throughout the day. You never need to look for artificial substitutes again!

Spirulina Super Pack

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