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PEMF treatment

Great health benefits of PEMF treatment

PEMF treatment is a modality that has proven successful in many studies conducted by the National Institute of Health. PEMF, also known as the pulsed electromagnetic field​​, is a technology that can cost-effective. Correct many medical conditions in a timely manner. It is easy to understand how PEMF works. The system sends a series of pulsating frequencies to the affected area. This generates penetrating energy within the cell to heal it and provide many medical benefits.

In the past decade, doctors studying PEMF treatment technology have seen tremendous progress in patients treated with this method. The findings of the National Institutes of Health, a group of 58 fracture patients tested, and the results exceeded expectations. Compared with control experiments conducted during the same time period. The success rate of patients treated with this technology averaged between 75% and 77.4%.

There is a fundamental relationship between living organisms and magnetic fields. At the very least, there is sufficient evidence to support the effectiveness of PEMF treatment. This research was conducted and published in many medical journals, textbooks, and other sources related to this discovery. The effectiveness of this treatment cannot diminish because it is a holistic treatment for most medical conditions involving pain.

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PEMF treatment

Another study by a team called “double-blind” investigated the effectiveness of PEMF technology in resisting pain. They studied many patients with migraines. A medical condition characterized by severe headaches, nausea. The inability to cope with direct light-and found that PEMF treatment can reduce pain by 100%. During the first month of the experiment, they monitored the participants. Base on the reports, 73% of them reported vast improvement after continuous exposure to PEMF. 45% had a significant reduction in headaches, and 14% had complete relief of headaches.

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As we all know, energy medicine will soon change the current treatment methods involving drugs and surgery. The International Journal of Neuroscience knows this well. They showed a weak magnetic field will somehow synchronize with the human brain. Or heart tissue to produce special metabolic effects in mammalian cells. Geomagnetism (the earth’s constant magnetic field) is too strong to start this communication. This is where PEMF treatment comes in handy. They showed that weak electromagnetic waves change and promote cell alignment, triggering healing, and pain relief.

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They have also reported that patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can correct their visual memory and vision. By only being exposed to low-frequency, low-intensity electromagnetic fields. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a disease that causes the victim to lose sight. It disrupts the communication between the central nervous system and the eyes. With PEMF treatment, you can correct the problem by exposing the mare to an electromagnetic field.

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Well, if you want to know, PEMF is a painless process, on the contrary. A PEMF session will make you feel relaxed when you are doing monumental work on the go. All the patient has to do is to lie on a bed equipped with a PEMF system. There is no unnecessary physical activity, exercise, only enough rest.

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