Haemorrhoids are a common disease that affects half of the population. They don’t consider a serious health problem. But when it happens, it can be very uncomfortable and cause itching or pain. The piles can disappear without treatment, but sometimes, the symptoms may be so uncomfortable or persistent. A prescription or surgery needed although the latter intense and avoids it.

Symptoms and causes of Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids is an inflamed rectal blood vessel. It inflames these blood vessels due to stress-induced stimuli caused by constipation. The symptoms of Haemorrhoids either internal or external or both.

Piles Cause
The internal hemorrhoids inflame vascular structures and are rich in blood vessels. Inflammation occurs due to stress that causes irritation and causes an immune response. Sometimes the inflammation can be so severe that the structures protrude and pass through the anus opening. When this happens, it should not confuse the guilt with the guilt. The external hemorrhoid is less common and is a blood clot that forms around the edge of the anal opening.
There are several risk factors that increase the likelihood that a person will develop the disease, such as old age; a low-fiber diet that often leads to constipation; weightlifting or obesity. Any people may prefer them because it runs in the home.

Haemorrhoids Symptom

The piles may sometimes be asymptomatic, but it can cause discomfort when symptoms appear. They may include the red blood after the stool, the pile hanging from the anus opening. Must push back after the stool, the mucus passes through the stool or discharged, itching, anal pain or tenderness. Even if the intestines are empty, you want to defecate

No direct way to prevent hemorrhoids. But it can reduce the chances of developing acne by eliminating risk factors. You can try adding more fiber to your diet, drinking more water, and exercising more to keep regular bowel movements. Avoid excessive drinking. If you are overweight, losing weight can reduce your risk of developing batteries.

Treatment Programs
How Haemorrhoids treated depends to a large extent on its severity. Mild cases disappear on their own if they take steps to improve their diet. By drinking more fiber and liquid can soften the stool and less likely to cause more irritation. You can use laxatives to treat constipation.

Symptoms and causes of Haemorrhoids

If symptoms still exist with the help of diet and exercise. Over-the-counter or prescription treatments are a choice. Prescription treatments such as Anusol HC, HC Anugesic, Proctofoam, Proctosedyl, Scheriproct, Ultraproct, Uniroid, Xyloproct or Betnovate. Can give local emergency relief and reduce inflammation. Haemorrhoids treatments given in gels, ointments, creams. It may give which in the form of a topical or internal foam or suppository.
In extreme cases, tendinitis large and doesn’t disappear with the help of a more fibrous diet or treatment prescription. Can consider which as an injection, surgery or infrared condensation. Each of these procedures involves eliminating or reducing the piles.

Order Piles Processing Online
Prescription treatment is available online. When you order complete the consultation online. If the treatment you choose safe to use, our assistant doctor will review your clinic and give you a prescription. Every recipe prepared by a registered pharmacist and sent by birth the next day so you can start treatment as soon as possible.

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