The normal cycle of hairs growth

Undisturbed, each hair end of the hairs grows for around three to five years. The hairs then begin the resting state in which it separates the visible part of the skin. Hairs follicles do not last up to 90 days. Once the season has passed, new hairs grow on the skin. Continues for around three to five years at a rate of 1/2 inch per month.

They believe it up to 100 genes involved in regulating the formation, construction, and circulation of scalp hair. It has identified to date, few of these genes.

Common hair loss pattern

Hamilton-Norwood Hair Loss Scale

For those who bothered by hair loss, many myths, and half-truths, but useful information may be difficult to get. So, an aim overview of pattern hair loss given here.

Healthy, well-nourished men and women, the most common form of hair loss androgenetic alopecia (AGA), known as hair loss. The disease affects 40 million American men. Maybe the same disease affected 20 million American women. The distinction between men and women. A woman who suffers from hair loss keeps her female hairline and the sparse experience behind this front. In men, a specific “loss pattern” which the leading edge retreats while the thinned region expands from the posterior crown. In more obvious cases, these areas found, and it says the person to be bald.

Three triggers
Three things must make the AGA affected. First, it must inherit an inheritance. This means that the problem comes from one or both sides of the family. Second, you need to reach a certain age. A 9-year-old child does not have a hair loss pattern. Third, a need for circulating hormones to promote the onset and progression of the disease.

The early onset of AGA occurs in the late adolescence or in the first 20 years. The sooner you start hair loss, the more likely you are to return.

Learn Normal Hairs Growth And Common Loss

Hormones, enzymes and other factors Crystallography of DHT molecules From a susceptibility point of view. The major hormone trigger associated with pattern hair loss is a 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone, referred to as DHT. It has shown that pattern loss does not occur in people insensitive to DHT. The DHT synthesized by the androgen hormone testosterone and is useful during early life and during puberty. In adults, they think DHT to cause serious damage, but the effect is poor. DHT triggers a disease that differs from benign prostatic hyperplasia and pattern alopecia. The synthesis of DHT occurs via two related enzymes, the 5-alpha-reductase form.

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The therapeutic options for hairs removal interfere with the interaction between 5-alpha reductase and androgen. It has shown hormones to give clinical interest to handle hair loss patterns.

Since hair growth regulated by a variety of genes and accompanying biochemical pathways, the underlying factors are complex. Another challenge in understanding hair loss is that humans suffer from androgenetic alopecia in mammals alone. So, the lack of an effective animal model may affect the key factors at work.

Changes in hair loss other than AGA
In both sexes, they base a differential diagnosis on the patient’s clinical history and performance. Common transmissions of AGA include alopecia areata (AA), plucking and restless hair loss. Less, the cause of loss may relate to diseases such as lupus, acne or other skin-forming diseases. Scalp biopsy and laboratory analysis can use to decide a definitive diagnosis. But in this case, a qualified therapist should do a preliminary clinical assessment.

Learn Normal Hairs Growth And Common Loss

Hair Care
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Hair loss treatment plan
The choice for treating hair loss is “carpet, tampons or drugs.” This advertising phrase describes three treatment options called non-surgical capillary technique, surgical hairs restoration, and medication. The fourth choice has developed and will discuss in this document. This means a treatment that not based on medication.

Non-surgical repair

Typical hair piece
At least since the ancient Egyptian era, hairs replacement systems have been in use. It knows these products as capillary integrated systems, wigs, fabrics, wigs, wigs and many other names. They have one thing in common: they don’t get out of the scalp. They must connect to the bald skin or hairs strips above the ears and on the back of the scalp.

This hot scalp attachment never permanent and has good reasons. In addition, the unit itself wears that basic hygiene. Requires the user to remove the unit to clean the hair and the underside of the scalp. Having a hair replacement method is always three basic elements. The first hairs itself can be synthetic, a natural or a suitable combination. The second part is the base of the unit. Hairs woven into a cloth and then attached to the scalp base. This brings the third part; this is the attachment device. The method includes stitching the base to the striped hairs. A tape foundation or the glue base to the scalp of the bald head.

The potential advantages of a capillary method include achieving a complete “view” of the hairs. With the directness of a careless observer which may resemble a thick one. Disadvantages of capillary systems are many.

Learn Normal Hair Growth And Common Loss

For those with active hair loss, the capillary arrangement can speed up bald rule compared to those who are bald. Another limitation is that the leading edge can show that people use a capillary technique. In the past, this problem solved by using artificial lace fronts that resemble natural but often very fragile.
Because they do not survive, it must repair the capillary order and replace. The maintenance and preservation costs of a capillary replacement method are not poor, costs exceed the first buy price.

Surgical hairs repair
Surgical strand restoration, often referred to as strand transplantation, considers the phenomena first described in the 1950s. This phenomenon, donor dependence refers to the scalp of the same person who balds when repositioning in the field. Continues to produce vitality and vigorous hairs. If it does not “move,” it will continue in the new position. exist. Surgical hairs restoration can be a positive solution for pattern strand loss in selected patients

Hair transplants have important warnings. The first one refers to supply and demand. At present, people cannot transplant hairs from one person to another. Without causing a splendid and destructive reaction of foreign objects in the recipient. As a result, it downgrades both the operator and the patient to any permanent tissue that supports the strand. So, important to protect and position this valuable source.

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The second major warning of hairs transplants is of achieving good end results. Irregular or too sudden hairline may look worse than before recovery. For the same reason, the hairs behind the leading edge do not recover in a manner that produces significant density. (e.g. 1 mm per square foot per square foot) and is far from the intact hair. So, artistic excellence is at least as important as basic surgical skills when selecting a transplant surgeon.

The third warning for hairs transplantation refers to a problem called chasing the back hairline. Because hairs loss is progressive and ruthless, possible to restore donated hair to integrate into the hairs. As the hairs behind it continue to erode the unchanging state of the scalp strand. They force the patient to increase the hairs behind the food court to keep a full shape. This method works well until the hairs stop losing weight or run out of strand.

Learn Normal Hair Growth And Common Hair Loss

It could be useful for those undergoing a transplant to integrate and stop the progress of strand loss. Allow the surgeon to treat the thinned region without worrying of line hairs receding.

Hair Loss Prevention and Causes

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