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Have you been listening to the wrong suggestions all along?

Have you been listening to the wrong suggestions all along?
Do you know the average salary of the five best friends of most people? A little scary?

What’s wrong, because with or without knowing, we all become like the surrounding people.
This means that when you spend a lot of time with someone, your habits and behavior will be ignored.
If your friends are not rich, then you may not be rich.
This is not harmful to your friends, just a simple fact.
What I am saying is that I believe that many people are not aware that making money is as important as practicing a sport or a musical instrument at a higher level.

Look, if we want to be good at anything in life, we need suggestions and guidance from “experts” in the field who are critical to our success in the field.
For example, most of the time, the best basketball coaches are (or were) excellent players.

So why are so many people not even getting financial suggestions from friends or family members?
Believe me, I understand.
They urge us to trust our parents and believe that they know what is best for us.
In terms of getting rich and succeeding, if your parents are wealthy business tycoons, then, of course, you should listen to their suggestions.
But, on the other hand, if your parents, your uncle Arthur or your friend Sally are still struggling to repay the mortgage, are they the best?
I mean, you don’t expect to learn to surf to people who can’t stay on the surfboard, right?

Wrong suggestions

In my profession, I see people have been following the wrong financial advice.
The client informed me: “Well, I intend to perform this, but then I stated that it won’t serve.”
I responded: “Hence, how much can you receive in a year?” It turns out that wealth is not gained much.
So please don’t get me wrong… Your friend is an important part of your life.

But to become rich and successful, you must begin to follow the advice of the rich, economically free lifestyle that people want!
I didn’t grow up.
When I was 3 years old, my mom died. My dad soon shifted to the bottle. In the early years, we experienced a lot of struggles.
I never thought about the day my dream was wild.
Until 20:30, I have been experiencing financial problems, my credit card debt has accumulated, I have been living in red numbers.
It wasn’t until I took control of my financial thinking and started to get rid of all the negative effects and was inspired by successful people.

People like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and even Dr. Oz. They are my role models and provide a lot of guidance for my success.
After all, everything comes down to this simple fact:
To become rich and successful, you need to accept the advice of the rich!

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