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Healthcare system: Which Country Deliver the Best?

Health care system in Spain

Healthcare in Spain is provided through a universal healthcare system known as the National Health System (Sistema Nacional de Salud or SNS). The Spanish healthcare system is based on the principle of universal coverage, ensuring that all residents, including citizens and legal residents, have access to healthcare services.

The SNS funded through general taxation and primarily operated by regional governments, known as autonomous communities. The system offers comprehensive medical services, including primary care, specialist care, hospitalization, emergency services, and preventive care.

Primary care in Spain is typically provided by general practitioners (GPs), known as médicos de cabecera or médicos de familia. GPs act as the first point of contact for patients, offering consultations, diagnosing common illnesses, providing preventive care, and referring patients to specialists if needed. Patients have the freedom to choose their preferred GP within their assigned healthcare center.

Specialized care delivered by specialists in hospitals and specialized clinics. Spain has a well-developed network of public hospitals, complemented by private hospitals. Emergency care is widely available in hospitals, with dedicated emergency departments.


Access to healthcare services in Spain is generally unrestricted, and the system aims to provide care based on medical need rather than ability to pay. The Spanish healthcare system also covers prescription medications, although patients may required to make a nominal co-payment for certain medications.

Preventive care is an integral part of the Spanish healthcare system. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and screenings are provided to detect and prevent illnesses early on. Mental health services are also available, with an increasing focus on addressing mental health needs.

While the Spanish healthcare system generally well-regarded for its accessibility and quality of care, challenges do exist. These include long waiting times for certain procedures, regional disparities in access to specialized care, and budget constraints. Efforts made to address these challenges and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

Overall, the Spanish healthcare system reflects a commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare to all residents. The system prioritizes primary care, preventive measures, and quality outcomes, making it an important pillar of Spain’s social welfare system.

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