Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the human respiratory method. The number of individuals with this disease increasing. They believe it 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from the disease. It can cause trouble breathing if it exposes a person to environmental irritants. This is because of the inflamed airway of the injured person sensitive. Symptoms occur when the airway contracts and produces phlegm.

When a person has asthma, an effective management plan important to reduce the chances of developing symptoms or asthma attacks. Treatment plans can include avoiding triggering and using preventive and relief treatments.

What causes the symptoms?
When asthmatic patients exposed to irritants, the muscles around the bronchioles contract. When these circular muscles contract, they narrow the airways. Besides this, the patient’s respiratory tract has become inflamed, which further limits breathing and results in added mucus.


Each of these actions together makes the patient’s breathing difficult because fresh air cannot reach the lungs through bronchioles. If this condition gets worse, it can lead to an attack.

Isn’t manifest why people have this condition, but largest people show to have a certain tendency. It may consider factors such as mothers who smoke during pregnancy to increase the risk of asthma in children.

Asthma trigger
It calls the part that increases the risk of symptoms in a patient a trigger. Not every patient sensitive to the same trigger can be everything, such as food, dust mites. Various types of viruses and bacteria, chemicals, taste, smoke, strenuous exercise or air pollutants, to name a few. It’s important to know what triggers, avoid them if possible, or use the right drugs when exposure is unavoidable.

Asthma symptoms
They are very different and may occur during the day, at night, after exercise or after exposure to irritants. These include trouble breathing, wheezing, chest tension or coughing mucus. These are not always serious, but even if you have only mild symptoms, you can still enjoy managing your condition.

What are the treatments?
In rare cases, children can “overcome difficulties”, or any people may even experience symptoms that can return after many years. But, for most people, this idea a lifelong condition that requires proper management. There are many treatments that can help you make sure it controls your asthma and comfortable.


Treatment can distribute into two groups: prevention and soothing. Both types of treatment administered with the aid of an inhalation device. So they can work in the lungs to give the greatest aid. But, they can further manage in other ways. Preventers are treatments that contain corticosteroids most of the day. This is a natural steroid that fights airway inflammation. Reducing airway inflammation can reduce their sensitivity and help relieve breathing.

It uses sedatives when needed because they help to relax the airways when they squeezed by exposure to irritants. They act as bronchodilators. They recommend using soothing agents, such as Ventolin and a prophylactic agent in the patient’s asthma management program.

Apply for asthma treatment online
If you wish to have a preventive device or relief device delivered to the door, you can place an order online at 121doc. To ensure patient safety, we require every patient to fill out an online inquiry form so that our medical staff can ensure that they are prescribed online treatment if they are safe. Approved orders will be sent to the pharmacy via the secure courier service on the second or second day for treatment. If you live in the London area, you can even receive treatment within 2 hours.


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