Learn Some Different Kind Of Hair Loss

Learn Some Different Kind Of Hair Loss



The main cause of hair loss

A more general problem not limited to any race or culture hair loss is a common phenomenon. May need adequate medical care excessive hair loss, mild hair loss is not improbable. Several causes of hair loss and several factors can cause excessive hair loss. Let’s explore them in this article.


The real cause of hair loss problems, maybe genetic factors. Many hair loss problems most common is androgenetic alopecia, which refers to the susceptibility to alopecia. The role of heredity in hair loss is not simple. Genetic predisposition and the prevalence of androgen and aging play an important role develop of alopecia.

Major Disease

Major diseases such as typhoid and malaria can cause excessive hair loss. Most cases, if someone receives chemotherapy it will not cure it, the hair will lose much. One of the main causes of hair destruction can consider surgery. The temporary illness that can induce hair failure for stress factors experienced during the disease.

Hormone Dysfunction

Hormone-related dysfunction can play an important role in premature hair loss. Many important hormones the thyroid gland secretes. People with excessive or insufficient thyroid gland may have hair death problems. Can solve this hair problem the Thyroid treatment. Set up balance sex hormones, androgens and estrogens considered being one of the main causes of hair decline. Hair damage during pregnancy many women develops before and after delivery. Hormonal imbalances in the body formation happen everything.

Medical Treatment

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Can promote hair damage unusual drugs. This idea temporary in most cases. When you stop taking a specific medication that promotes hair failure, the problem eased. Considered the cause of hair trouble these drugs. Anticoagulants, gout drugs, chemotherapy, steroids, interferons, excess vitamin A, birth control pills, and antidepressants.

Psychological factors

Stress matters in promoting hair fall. None obvious factors someone experiences may cause hair decline studies have shown. May have hair loss problems under pressure. Associated stress with two types of hair problems: rest periods and alopecia areata. Can lead to hair problem, such as plucking, besides mental dysfunction.


May responsible for hair loss of different fungal infections. Children, hair loss problems for fungal infections in the scalp field are common. Can treat with an antifungal drug, this fungal infection.

Internal Health Risk

Diseases such as lupus or diabetes can cause hair problems. These cases, the hair problem considered being one of the primary warning signs of the disease. Recommended that you do not ignore this condition, no plain reason you lose your hair. Ask for guidance from a professional medical professional.

Incorrect Hair Care

Can cause more hair problem inappropriate hair care. Consider one of the main causes of hair problem. Have wet hair or pull hair with tight curls, you may own traction hair loss, a hair loss. Stop tearing your hair before too late, your hair may grow before any scars appear in scalp field. Have a scar, you are likely to lose your hair forever in the scar zone. Chemical treatments joint with stables, identified as “perms,” can lead to severe hair fall in individual lives. Leading to injuring and infection in the altered region.

Learn Some Different Kind Of Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

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