Life So Unfair: The One You Love Has Left You, And The Anger Has Broken Your Heart

Love and Care

Yes, you are angry now! You broke the love of life, or worse, this person is now dead. But your memories won’t fade and forgotten, never, never my dear NE… The song you and I share during our great times. Bell Bottom Blues I dedicate to you MY LOVE.

Your heart is full of anger, anger, and sadness. You can remember unhappy moments and feelings. You are hateful, desperate, and have lost your life. Life so unfair…
Love and Care
People say your remedy is time. Wait for a while and the emotional pain will disappear. Is this the person you heard repeatedly? After this traumatic event, it will induce you to suffer for many years.
mama and Juriel
When you boil with anger, you have proven that correct, because normal to keep this emotion. Anger can show “good and natural things.”
There are many reasons you have anger in your heart:
Love and Care
Anger shows you why and how serious and useless your relationship is. So don’t make the same mistake again, choose a healthy and caring couple. Thus, you will sense relaxed, safe, safe, capable, peaceful and happy.

Life So Unfair: The One You Love Has Left You

Anger helps you achieve self-punishment. Solve my mistakes, gain a sense of relief and resist your pain. You will think relaxed, you will know happy.
Love and Care
You should be angry. You have experienced so much time he/she does not respect you and loves you. They laughed at you and they sprinkled many times. It helps to restore your strength, self-confidence, and high self-esteem weaknesses.
Love and Care
You are angry because it helps protect you from future harm or abuse. It makes you understand safe, capable, peaceful and happy.
Anger shows stronger in your life. So why do you still suffer that your heart is so broken?
Eric Shei Mama

Life So Unfair: The One You Love Has Left You

Summary statement:
Anger strengthens you, self-empowerment, and an adult. You are safer, safe, peaceful and happy.
Mama and Eric
I understand he should welcome less uncomfortable and unconstrained. You noticed that this problem made your life so miserable! No worry, the way out is there.
Mama and Eric
Anger is part of your sad story. Whenever you remember an adverse event, they trigger you. Any negative emotions may appear. If no sense of happiness, the clarity of your thoughts is gone. The more you keep your anger and memories of the past, the more you will drown in frustration. Life gets out of control and prevents you from building new relationships. Is this familiar to you?
Mama and Keil
In addition, you lose the vitality that vitality plays in your life.
Do you realize that anger is poisonous to you? Yes, this toxic, killing you.
When we return the summary statement:
Anger strengthens you, self-empowerment, and an adult. You are safer, secure, peaceful and happy.
What do you expect of this statement? Is this true or false?
Mama and Keil and Jasper
No, no!
If you want to get rid of your inner anger, place your hand in your heart and order:
I want to remove the toxic and false summary statements in my heart.
Now, think of anger. Through your heart Speak and command: I want to free my inner anger in an instant!
Now, the time to reconsider how you appreciate yourself.
You can experience changes in mood. You are more relaxed, liberated and separated from anger. Can sense disappearing the former, knowing yourself better, and being excited about your current life.

Life So Unfair: The One You Love Has Left You

mamaMama at peace
The Last Song She Hears and Agreed. But she will never hear again.


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  1. Lerie

    The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.
    Isiah 57:1

    Wonderful blog, i miss tita.
    Thank God now she is in peace, no more pain and sorrow.
    Can’t help my tears from falling. I regret that I will no longer have the chance to thank her and would have been more close to her. I hope God will forgive me.

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