COVID-19 Face Masks

Wearing of Face Masks in Public, Mandatory and Voluntary

Nowadays, in many countries affected by the pandemic, wearing face masks has become a new habit for most people. In the United States, it still divides people on whether they should wear masks in public. Commercial establishments, retail stores, trains, buses, planes, and shared transportation services. Ask your customers and staff to wear masks to protect and prevent diseases. The laws of specific cities and states in the United States also require this.

If you refuse to wear a mask on their premises, they will not allow you to enter their store. In some places, the government will impose fines and punishments for not covering your mouth and nose.

Mandatory use of face protection 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of face masks or masks in certain places. Social confinement is not possible. Worldwide, the rise in coronavirus infections has prompted government leaders to enforce the use of masks in public. Experts expect a second wave of infections soon. 

Certain cities in the United States are implementing the use of masks in public places. It will be helpful if you consider checking the latest policies and guidelines when traveling to another city or state. Before going home, please understand the pandemic agreement and requirements. Some cities impose fines on citizens for not wearing masks or even covering their faces in private houses.

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Should I put on a mask every time I depart the house? 

It depends on where you go. 

Hand Sanitizers

You can go anywhere with others. For example, grocery stores, retail stores, public transportation, pharmacies, hospitals, salons, and restaurants. Just wear a mask. 


Microscopic particles of dust, pollution, bacteria, and viruses will remain in the air for many hours. When not using face protection equipment, the risk of inhaling these particles is very high. Wear a mask during the COVID pandemic. I do not know who infected or has not infected. Your best defense against viruses and prevent infections.

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Voluntary use of masks 

If you are alone in a private car, you can remove the mask. You are running or at home. Now, if you are with other people, even if they are your friends and family. They have differed from the house in your living. You still need to wear a mask as a precaution. You will never know where they have been, the surface they have touched. Who might they be with before meeting you? You are sure, and unless sure that you are not sick. Therefore, you can decide not to wear a mask.

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Is it beneficial to cover up new habits? , and why? 

Some people agree to wear a mask, while others do not want to wear a mask. For many reasons, this is personal, medical, and political. According to research around the world, wearing a mask is not only beneficial during a pandemic. But also when you are away from home. A face cover can protect you from harmful chemicals in the air, in urbanized or industrialized cities.


Should your child wear a mask too?

True, but it depends on national regulations.

The respiratory system of young people is still developing. Weaker immune systems because their body systems are still building up with age. Wearing a mask is essential to prevent children from contracting any form of viral or bacterial infections and even allergies.

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Many countries and states recommend that children aged 2-9 should wear a mask when leaving home. Children with respiratory diseases and under two years old are not subject to this rule. However, in San Francisco, they do not require children under 12 to wear face shields. If they need to wear a mask, adults will supervise them to use a mask to avoid any complications.of their facial cover to prevent any complications.

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