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Meta Chamber Premium Infrared Sauna Dome Ultra Low EMF

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The Meta Chamber System sets the highest standards for a 1-person sauna, with even-heating Nano-Carbon technology over 5 panels in both domes. Less than 20% of infrared energy heats the air, while over 80% directly translates into body heat. So you can spend longer in a Meta Chamber than a conventional sauna, time spent with greater efficiency. Solid, luxury construction, reliability, comfort and elegant design. It is an ideal, effective, high tech system intended for use in beauty salons, weight loss centers and even at home.

Meta Chamber Premium Infrared Sauna Dome Ultra Low EMF
Meta Chamber Premium Infrared Sauna Dome Ultra Low EMF
US $1,795.00

The sauna dome comprises two lightweight domes, which are easy to store in a corner or closet. We made the outer material of the dome of all non-toxic vinyl that is easy to clean and wash. We can install anywhere the ball machine! Infrared pads allow individuals to be heated by infrared rays on both the back and the front of the body. We made the pad of memory foam to provide maximum comfort. Both the sauna dome and infrared pads have a lifetime warranty.


Compare The MetaChamber with the Highest Priced Domes. You get

  • The same solid construction, luxurious finish, sturdy wooden control box
  • Floor-to-floor Nano-Carbon heating elements over the inside of the dome.
  • Powerful warming technology, includes Comfort Foot Heater too!
  • The same sturdy and powerful control box to customize your sauna experience.
  • The electronic control system provides multiple heat level adjustments.
  • All accessories and convenience of design.

Meta Chamber

Meta Chamber Premium Infrared Sauna Dome Ultra Low EMF

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