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Glucomannan and Chromium with B6 is our precision-formulated food supplement that is designed to be your perfect ally in the challenge to manage weight and appetite. These max power Glucomannan Capsules are packed full of insoluble Konjac fibre, which works to help you feel fuller for longer once consumed, therefore helping you repel pesky cravings and maintain your slimming diet efforts. Our formula comes as a 10-day, 3000mg high-strength serving per day cycle that is designed to help you reach your goals!

Active T5 Plus

  • Ideal for controlling hunger cravings
  • Water-soluble fibre supplement
  • Powerful 3000mg servings inside
  • Glucomannan, Chromium and B6
  • Intensive 10-day health programme
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly

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