1. PMT DUO (Applicators: Single, Double, Paddle, MagPad2)


Due to high volume each device is built to order and will take around 4 to 10 days production time.

  • FREE Magpad 2 worth US $1200

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This DUAL PEMF device allows the attachment of 2 PEMF applicators.

Combined with a Magpad 2, large Loop, high-intensity Paddle, and extremely powerful Butterfly this device is the most versatile combo that offers a huge range of applications.

It is the ideal device for clinics, wellness, beauty, and horse therapy. With a 3 year warranty and no replaceable parts or service needs, the PMT DUO will last you a lifetime.

The suitcase is completely water-tight and will withstand every impact you subject the PMT DUO to.


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