12. VieLight 655 Intranasal Laser



Vielight 655 Prime Intranasal Laser
The Vielight 655 is a low level (or “cold”) laser intranasal photobiomodulation device. The 655 emits low-level laser light with a 655 nm wavelength. The light pulses continuously with a power density of 5 MW/cm2 to irradiate the capillary-rich nasal cavity. Each session is auto-timed for 25 minutes.

The device parameters have been derived from researching clinical studies on low-level light therapy over the last few decades.

Photobiomodulation is the activation and energization of mitochondria, the “power generator” of our cells, by absorbing low-level photons in the red/infrared spectrum. Energized mitochondria are triggered to convert energy into a form of biological energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Scientists in Russia, Germany, and China discovered that light energy has positive modulating effects on red blood cells, optimizing their cellular structure and oxygenation capacity. Additionally, photobiomodulation may stimulate mitochondria within white blood cells, potentially leading to an enhanced immune system.

Low-level light therapy has been researched by NASA for several years and has demonstrated the ability to alter and improve, cellular function.


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