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Review the new PEMF DCM3990 device

The new DCM3990 launched by PEMF Systems is a clinical or home device. It combines a powerful 3990 Gauss PEMF clock with a 5-step intensity setting in a practical unit. Which can use in health care or detox centers, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics, and private Residential? The latest update makes this small but powerful device the best version we have seen so far.

DCM3990 has all the functions. The high-powered beep is enough to cause muscle contraction, the 5-step power setting. The low setting can release more ions than any similar PEMF device on the market. It feels like a super tough applicator worth $20,000. The quality build is amazing.
DCM3990 has a CE UL medical certificate and is approved as a medical device.

This latest feature of the TRULY HEAL PEMF series provides 5 programs with different Gaussian settings. For deeper penetration, use settings 4 and 5. For a more gentle treatment, use levels 1-3. Since the pulse speed will increase at lower settings. You will receive the same amount of negative ions to charge the cells. Set higher than. The penetration is not so deep.

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New PEMF DCM3990 device

You can order a personal PEMF device HERE:
PEMF can identify 220V or 110V, 50Hz or 60Hz and change the power settings of your location. The Loop applicator fits into the lid of the suitcase. No matter where you are, you can protect yourself. With a three-year warranty, this is the ultimate solution for clinical and home applications.

What is PEMF?
The PMT Digital change is a pulsed electromagnetic handling apparatus with a complete activity of up to 7000 Gauss.

The PEMF is an electromagnetic remedy in which it gives small magnetic streams to the individual.
Our bodies use magnetic fields to get organic function and move matters across surfaces. Thus, irresistible strength is expected for development. Cleopatra was the original personage to apply magnets. Details propose that she stumbled asleep with a Lodestone (magnetic shock) to keep her skin youthful. It crossed the salutary intelligence to the Greeks. Who has been using magnets for rebuilding? Since, 2500 B.C. Aristotle and Plato again applied to the favors of Lodestones in their task.
Develop evidence-based since medicine-magnetic therapy has lived in the stalks. However, automation improves confirmation of its curative reaction, and services are growing into further widespread and detailed. Believe that magnets on medicine most advanced design devices, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

DCM3990 has passed CE UL certification and classified as a medical device.

750 GaussSetting One
1449 GaussSettingTwo
2288 GaussSettingThree
3086 GaussSettingFour
3990 GaussSettingFive

The PMT Digital method is a pulsed electromagnetic field device with a maximum throughput of up to 3990 Gauss. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is an electromagnetic therapy in which a small current is applied to the human body. Our body uses magnetic fields to generate cellular energy and transport elements across membranes. Therefore, magnetic energy is necessary for life.

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