The 7 Types of Nootropics You Should Know

The 7 Types of Nootropics You Should Know

If interested in nootropics, only step you should take is to better understand each kind. There are seven options to choose from, and you understand that everyone chooses the right options for your specific needs.

Each of nootropics differs from other types, although have been around for decades since the authentic discovery of nootropics. Others advance and introduced a few years ago.

Seven nootropics include: natural/herbal, Racetams, Hills, Peptides, vitamin B derivatives, Ampakines, and Smart Medicines. Next, we’ll discuss each item, including its unique attributes and benefits. To make sure it has the knowledge it needs to build its own ideal stack.

Natural nootropics/Herbs

Natural/herbal nootropics are plant-derived nootropics with many natural benefits. In particular, they can increase brain health and serve.

Plant-based, it used many of these ingredients for thousands of years; only people don’t know it when using nootropics! Many of these ingredients supported by a series of studies that show they take a positive impact on brain health.

They are natural, safe and give peace of mind to those who worried the first try.

Popular choices: Valorcine, Bacopi Monneri and Ginkgo Biloba


If one of nootropic is the most popular, the first nootropic drug synthesized by Dr. Giurgea is piracetam. One of the most popular nootropics to date.

Racetams has a similar arrangement comprising hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. They will learn it that each can improve the cognitive role of the nucleus. Such as memory and attention while improving mood and increasing energy levels.

The 7 Types of Nootropics You Should Know

They well understand racetams have neuroprotective properties, which means they can increase cell regrowth while preventing deterioration.

Popular choices: piracetam, pramipacetam, and oxiracetam


Most people suffer from choline deficiency, although a water-soluble nutrient that occurs in the body. But because vital to brain duty and health, they must replenish it with this substance.

The choline-enhancing drugs give benefits such as memory and learning improvement, it often takes them with other nootropics, race. When joint, racetams stimulate the acetylcholine receptor site, allowing the synthesis of choline nociceptive and amplifying their results.

Each puzzle mountain has different benefits. For example, citicoline can increase dopamine levels in the brain. While Alpha GPC can improve memory and learning the ability, even in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to understand each one before buying.

Popular choices: citicoline, Centrophenoxine and Alpha GPC.


The peptide racetams, but they believe it that the most popular choice, Noopept, is more effective than piracetam. These nootropics give similar benefits by improving learning, energy, alertness, memory, and motivation.

The 7 Types of Nootropic You Should Know

Because Dr. Skondia needs nootropics, they know these peptides for their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. So you can reduce your expenses while enjoying the same results as you expect.

Noopept stimulates the release of nerve growth point. An essential protein for the growth and maintenance of neurons and nerve cells throughout the brain and body. By stimulating AMPA and NDMA receptors, this nootropic drug works in a manner racetams and ampakines. It has a huge effect on the user.

Popular choice: Noopept

A derivative of vitamin B

They belong to a small class, vitamin B derivatives form another important nootropic drug. It fights fatigue while increasing energy and alertness.

Vitamin B derivatives are first synthesized in Japan because the population lacks thiamine or vitamin B1. Since then, it has developed into better and more suitable. It has improved memory by affecting the levels of choline, glutamate, and dopamine in the brain.

They know such nootropics for their positive effects on Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia, which makes them more available.

Popular choice: Sulbutiamine


As one of the newest forms of nootropics, ampakines one of the most effective options. Like peptides, ampakines stimulates AMPA and NDMA receptors, increasing glutamate levels in the blood. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that affects synaptic plasticity, making it a necessary condition for proper learning and memory.

They often use ampakines as a substitute for stimulants, such as Ritalin or caffeine. but, they not associated with the same negative side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, and general uneasiness.

The 7 Types of Nootropic You Should Know

Since few studies on ampakines and they are new. If you want to add these nootropics to your chimney, it’s best to continue using the popular options. but, they are more expensive than other available options.

Popular choices: Sunifiram and Unifiram

Smart drug

Smart drugs are not nootropics. In fact, most of the substances classified as smart drugs do not meet the standards established by Dr. Giurgea. Or Skandia when they first discovered nootropics.

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In contrast, it bases smart drugs on amphetamines, so they are stimulants (for example, Adderall). But, drugs such as modafinil considered being nootropics. Because it increases the level of hypocretin in neurotransmitters, increasing energy, alertness, and motivation.

Several smart drugs, including modafinil, are the matter to strict regulation and restrictions in the United States. So, most users will choose alternatives such as Adrafinil as a substitute because modafinil will digest.

Popular choices: Adderall, Modafinil and Adrafinil

You must educate yourself to choose the nootropic drug that best suits your needs. Whether your aim is to build up synaptic plasticity with ampakines. Use racetams to improve memory and energy, or gamble on smart drugs, everyone has a nootropic drug.

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Learning further above each of the nootropics. You can do your part to make sure you’re creating a stack that will promise the benefits you want. With the perfect solution, you’ll have the strength, focus. Drive to take on every day, while improving your long-term cognitive health.

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