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The working principle of ozone water treatment

What is water purification ozone?
Ozone or O3 is nature’s purifier and disinfectant. 3 represents the three oxygen atoms that make up the ozone. The normal oxygen we breathe is called O2, and it consists only of two bonded oxygen atoms.

You may have noticed that the sudden summer storm left a unique smell, which lasted for about an hour. Here, lightning produces the o3 you breathe during a thunderstorm. Moreover, it also produced o3 by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

How does o3 kill bacteria and bacteria to purify water?
As mentioned earlier, it composed of three oxygen atoms. One of them has a weaker ability to control other ions. More willing to transfer electrons, with other organic substances (such as bacteria and viruses). This single oxygen atom combines with other substances, causing it to rust (become other substances. Rust is an example of iron rusting into iron oxide). Here, the byproduct of oxidation is only O (an oxygen atom).

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How does an ozonized water purifier produce ozone?
The o3 water purification system uses o3 called an ozone generator to produce o3. Moreover, it produces O3 in the same way as the sun. In the o3 generator chamber is high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light. So, it forces compressed air into the generator room, then converts some of the oxygen in the air into o3. This process is part of the reason for the o3 layer in the upper atmosphere of the earth. It protects us from most of the harmful ultraviolet rays produced by solar radiation.

Ozone water treatment

Now, the o3 generated in the o3 generator is sent to the diffuser through the pipeline. The diffuser produces bubbles saturated with o3. It sucks water in and mixes with bubbles, then sent to a clean water tank. The weak oxygen molecules in the o3 stick to and oxidize other organic molecules in the water. Ozone will “swallow” them and the viola! Clean drinking water.

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This is an amateur version of o3 water purification. For more information about o3, you can try o3academy to understand how it works or read an article about o3 drinking water treatment.

How To Make Ozone Water
Ozone water is very versatile. It can be used topically, internally or to disinfect surfaces.

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