Depression and Alzheimer Disease. It is important to say mental health underestimated. Our spiritual state makes up ourselves. When this state of mind changes, our whole will change. Depression, stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease are just the conditions that revolutionize our lives. The people say we are the sum of our memories and experiences. What happens if these memories begin to or deleted? When we consider the greatness and importance of mental health, our views on life will transform.

Our brain is a complex and mysterious part of our body. We understand it’s there, but we often know little. The brain is the organ of the human central nervous organization. At our brain and protected by the skull. The human brain comprises neurons, glial cells, neural stem cells and blood vessels. In this complex network, I hide around 100 billion neurons, shooting an average of 200 shots per second. It sends information throughout the brain and other parts of the body. Considering the subtle complexity, understandable that any change, no matter how small, can influence us.

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Treat Alzheimer Disease And Depression

Every change in the brain taints us. For example, depression accompanied by a decrease in neuronal discharge, a decrease in serotonin, and an increase in cortisol. Dementia has many forms, but, the most common Alzheimer’s disease characterized by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. Plaques and tangles disrupt communication between nerve cells and cause them to die. Although brain damage can affect the brain in different ways depending on the injury. But, the most common is inflammation and swelling leading to nerve cell death.

So what these conditions have in common?

It can change these using 810 nm near-infrared laser treatment.
Since 1967, low-intensity laser therapy (LLLT) has emerged as a practical therapy for biostimulation, photobiomodulation, and neurological rehabilitation. These lasers do not emit heat, sound or vibration. Since then, LLLT has researched and used worldwide to treat patients with neurological problems. The optimal frequency of neuronal stimulation (810 nm) has found and considered being one safest treatment for neuronal diseases. In fact, a 2004 study showed that direct treatment from 810 nm to 200 mW (3.75-11.25 J / cm2) near the infrared laser showed no damage to cell formation or genetic material. Besides no cytotoxic or genotoxic effects, the 810 laser increases creating antioxidants in cells. Which makes them resistant to damage when exposed to oxidants.

Treat Alzheimer Disease And Depression

Light therapy works because when light reaches certain molecules in a cell called a chromophore. It stimulates the atom to reach a higher energy state (electrons that move toward higher energy rings). This affects the entire cell, but, it most affects the mitochondria of the cell. Mitochondria are the power plants for each cell. They use oxygen to convert glucose, fat, and protein into energy the body (ATP can use that). It has discovered that it calls the form mitochondrial reaction with LLLT cytochrome c oxidase (CCO). These structures play an important role in creating energy in the mitochondria (electron transport chains). Which explains why the excitation of these structures leads to higher energy yields (ATP).

The reduction in neuronal firing and degradation of nerve cells. Results in a net decrease in ATP production and found in every neurological disorder. This is why depletion and low energy levels are common features of any neurological diseases.

This car analogy makes it easy to summarize important of ATP production in our cells. Cars need fuel to run, but if it breaks the car’s engine. We can put as much fuel as we can and we won’t get the best performance.

Treat Alzheimer Disease And Depression

So, by using an 810 nm 200mv near-infrared laser treatment. We can restore energy production and begin the healing method required to correct potential problems. A clinical study conducted in 2009 showed that in Parkinson’s disease. Nerve cells lack the energy to transfer neuronal information from one end of a nerve cell to another. After 2 hours of near-infrared laser treatment. It fired the damaged nerve cells at the same rate as the healthy controls. This significant improvement in neuron firing. Allows the body to resume action to mobilize and heal damaged tissue that is lacking in energy or ability.

With cerebrovascular accidents, LLLT improved recovery after ischemic stroke in rats when they treated within 24 hours of a stroke. I believe it due to increased ATP production and an increase in nitric oxide. A by-product resulting from the induction of neurogenesis and neuronal migration.

The induction of neurogenesis and to change the location migration of neurons are important advances in medicine. Because it showed that regeneration of nerve cells is impossible. But, with stimulating infrared laser treatment 810. The ability to regenerate nerves and create alternative neuronal pathways sped up and made possible.

Near-infrared laser treatment has shown striking results of traumatic brain injury in which mitochondria show significant dysfunction. It uses laser therapy 810 to increase ATP production by normalizing neuronal behavior and increasing oxygen cooperation in brain tissue. Studies have shown that patients who use LLLT after TBI have improved cognitive ability. Improved motor work, improved sleep, and reduced post-traumatic stress disorder. It has shown patients that if they stop treatment for 2 weeks; it restores the symptoms, but the severity will decrease with the time after brain injury.

Treat Alzheimer Disease And Depression

It may not consider depression and anxiety a serious cognitive disorder. Such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or severe brain trauma. Both conditions cause a serious impact on a person’s quality of life and associated with many other biological changes. A study conducted in 2009, 50% relieved patients with severe depression, anxiety after 2 weeks in 810 participants laser therapy.

As striking as the near-infrared laser treatment 810. They remember that although the mitochondrial changes affected by the laser are amazing, every disease is multifaceted. If we do not solve the cause of the disease, we can never cure the real disease. So, the need for changes in diet, lifestyle, and treatment. Any treatment, such as laser treatment.

The NIR 810 laser is a magical tool that not only causes mitochondrial energy production. Nitric oxide release and short-term changes in antioxidant stimulation. But allows the body to begin its earlier treatment capabilities, which had no energy. In the brain, the 810 laser produces such profound changes in the neuron landscape that anyone can enjoy. After a long day dealing with children, either the student taking the exam or the mother who stressed. The 810 laser increases produce mitochondrial energy in neuronal cells, much deeper than you might think.

Treat Alzheimer Disease And Depression

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