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What Are Nootropics/Smart Drugs?

So, what is a nootropic smart drugs?

Because they can increase their concentration, focus and help research, so people now need more nootropics before than ever. But few people understand the true meaning of nootropics, let alone make the nootropics true.

At NooCube, we understand the full cognitive benefits offered by nootropics. You want to understand what they are, how they work. If you use them for your own mental abilities, you will find the information you need.

The nootropics are a generic term referring to several chemical products. Any of them are natural and artificial, but they give a variety of cognitive benefits for the brain. The term itself was first created by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea in 1972. He created a set of five criteria to decide whether a chemical is a nootropic:

  • A substance must improve memory and learning ability.
  • The substance should help the brain role under destructive conditions such as hypoxia or hypoxia levels and electroconvulsive shock.
  • A substance must protect the brain from chemical and physical attacks such as anticholinergics and barbiturates.
  • The substance should increase the effectiveness of neuronal discharge control mechanisms in the cerebral cortex and subcortical regions.
  • A substance must lack extensive sedation or excitement. It should have limited or no side effects and non-toxic.

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Smart Drugs

From this list, you can see the strict principles that chemicals must meet to upgraded to puzzles. So, unusual people even call the nootropics “miracle drugs” because, these demanding standards, only a few people are true.

But where did the nootropics originate?

Dr. Giurgea, a Romanian doctor, first discovered the nootropics after synthesizing piracetam, one of the most popular nootropics. The word nootropic itself means turning/bending the mind. (nous means that the mind and the trepein mean turning or bending).

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Since the first discovery, several other nootropics have identified and classified. Today, seven types of nootropics in routine use, one of the other common cognitive enhancers.

How do the nootropics run including the brain?

For promising users, nootropics can’t improve their IQ or improve their intelligence. But, normal brain capacity increases with produce several important neurotransmitters and increased signaling.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that support neurons in the intellect to reach out and achieve together. By increasing yield and improving signaling, nootropics can increase the efficiency of signals now produced in the brain.

positive results

Improve memory, better attention, better emotions, stronger mental processing skills, and longer attention.

By, using it often the nootropics give significant benefits. Can get temporary benefits and change the role of the brain. Will improve the synaptic plasticity of neurons. Can improve the cognitive role in the long run and improve cognitive ability.

Gives different benefits to the brain. So, while remarkable people improve synaptic plasticity, others will increase blood flow to the brain during a means called vasodilation. Improves the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and glucose into the brain improves memory and focuses on this transform.

Prevent brain damage, slow the aging treatment, and stimulate the growth of neurons and neuritis. So, nootropics suitable for both students and the elderly.

Define alternative criteria for nootropics

First to discover was Dr. Giurgea and define the standard for nootropics, not the last one. In fact, V. Dr. Skondia proposed his own classification criteria by focusing on the metabolism of nootropics:

  • The substance has no direct vasoactivity (vasodilation or vasoconstriction).
  • A substance should not change the basic EEG rhythm.
  • The item must cut across the blood-brain wall.
  • A substance must have a metabolic action in the human brain.
  • The substance should become limited or no side effects.
  • A substance must undergo clinical trials to show an improvement in brain metabolism.

Between the two contradictory definitions. For Dr. Giurgea believes nootropics can improve learning and memory. While Dr. Skondia believes that the substance can improve brain metabolism. So, these theories suggest that nootropics improve cognitive capacity but not each we can classify cognitive improvement drugs as nootropics.

solutions for cognitive functions

In today’s society, taking certain chemicals or supplements may consider a contraindication, if they are not common. But, society accepting more nootropics because it has a positive and long-term impact on cognitive health. With limited or no negative side effects (or other negative effects).

By learning more of the nootropics, to choose the right for your specific needs. Better understand how these chemicals work with your brain to produce positive results that many people respect. And, once you use them, you’ll better understand why doing so is a smart investment for your future.

The content on this site is strictly informational and should not consider medical advice. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The advertising and promotion of prescription-only medication in Europe prohibit and unlawful.

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